Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells For Sale – Why Lowest List Price Should Not Be Your First Consideration!

Are you looking for cheap adjustable dumbbells for sale?

If so, it does make sense to shop for the best deal you can find – good fitness equipment can be expensive! But although you may be tempted to just grab the lowest priced set on the store shelf and hit the door, you owe it to yourself and your safety, health and fitness to consider more than just the retail price when making your selection.

This article will help you compare the top features of three best selling adjustable dumbbell sets and when you read to the end, you will also find out why you should not be overly concerned with list price when choosing a set to add to your home gym.

First, let’s take a look at the three systems in no particular order.

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

This is an extremely easy to use, compact set up that uses a locking system to attach weight plates in different combinations onto the rod. By spinning the dials at the end of the rod as it sits on all of the weights in the base-plate, you can select weight from 5 pounds up to 52.5 pounds in 2.5 pound increments (up to 25 pounds). For those who are building strength gradually, being able to choose such small incremental increases allows you to lift the proper weight as you progress without your form suffering in the process.

It is very easy to switch the weights and it is quick too – it only takes about 5 to 10 seconds to exchange the weight needed for one exercise into what is needed for the next. This is a plus for those working out in time to one of the popular home fitness work out DVD programs, as ten seconds is more than enough time to stay right on track with the programs.

To top it off, this is a great looking set of weights, one that you won’t mind having hang out in your “home gym”, whether that would be the family room, den, or bedroom. Although they replace the need to have 15 pairs of dumbbells, they only take up the space that the two largest would occupy.

One complaint about this set is that the rods are a little longer than what most people who use dumbbells are accustomed to, making it hard to maneuver the dumbbells in a couple of exercises.

2. Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set

For those who really are on a budget or perhaps, just starting out with dumbbells and not wanting to get in too deep, too fast, this is the most economical choice among the best selling adjustable dumbbell sets.

This set works exactly like a traditional barbell set does. Weight plates are changed manually and locked into place by hand. According to the manufacturer, the set features ergonomic grips and comfort handles, and has rubber trim collars. The plates sport a no-rust, semi-gloss finish.

There is a good variety of weight plates. There are 4 two-and-a-half lb. plates and 4 five-lb. plates, along with 2 handles which each weigh in at 5 lbs. Two collars are also included in the set, and it all fits inside a plastic carrying case which is small enough to make this set easy to transport to anywhere you might need to go. You won’t have any excuse to skip your work out with this set in tow!

One important thing to know about this product is the it does come with a health warning, due to the fact that it contains phthalate chemicals, which according to the state of California, are known to “cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.” So although this set is affordable enough for everyone who wants a basic adjustable dumbbell set, for other reasons, it really may not be the best choice for all.

3. PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set

This is a handsome set that has been described as the one that is most like a weight stack at a gym, with a weight handle which fits inside the first weight, and then inside each successive weight up, all held in place by a weight selector pin that you set in place depending on how much weight you want to lift.

It is similar to the other two sets in that a single pair of dumbbells can do the work of many, and it too is a space efficient system that also saves buyers a lot of cash in that it replaces 18 individual dumbbells. This is a greater number of bells than either of the other two sets, but the overall weight is a bit lower than the Bowflex set and the PowerBlock weights adjust in 5 pound increments only.

One nice feature is that the rods have padded handles to protect those with weaker wrists.

PowerBlock uses a pin alignment system to set selected weight and some consumers report that it can be tricky to get the pins lined up with the weights on the ground. One solution would be to use a stand or sturdy table to change the weights.

So, Why Is List Price Not a Major Consideration When Looking for Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells?

Of course, everyone has one set at the top of their dream list, while at the same time still having some kind of budget to work within. But if you are thinking that you should settle for something less than what you really want because it is listed lower at stores, you could now be in for a surprise of the nicest kind.

It is not at all unusual to find dumbbells that retail between one hundred to five hundred dollars and up at physical stores offered at a deep discount online, as much as half off! What may be more expensive in brick and mortar stores may be more mid-range online! It may take some surfing and a bit of time and effort, but what you thought might be out of reach or impractical might be well within your budget after all.

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