How to Start Your Own Portable Bathroom Service Business

You can start your own business, and work for yourself, with your own, unique, portable bathroom service. Now, don’t laugh, but somebody is going to make money with them, it might as well be you, don’t you think? If you could build a better mouse trap, so to speak, you could really market the portable bathroom business service. How many times have you been to a picnic, fair, outdoor event, construction site, park, sporting event, etc… and have had to use one of those plastic, portable, public bathrooms, that are common almost everywhere.

Usually they are pretty nasty and gnarly inside, if you ever have the bad experience of having to use one! You could start you own business, and make much better bathrooms for customers, you could hit it big maybe. You could start with ordinary portable bathrooms, you can buy, and haul on a trailer, and rent them out yourself, and manage them. But what if you built a better one, one that you could charge $1, or $2 or more, to use.

Someone would pay that, if they knew the inside was much cleaner, private, safe, and more luxurious inside.

If your bathroom had granite counter tops, porcelain bowls, tile surround sound, and new and updated features, and room for several “clients” at a time, somebody for sure would want to use your portable toilet. If you could build the ultimate bathroom, and monitor it, even with a tuxedo on, when you wait on customers, would be pretty eye catchy, to say the least. Customers would pay, just to see what you have done inside, to your mobile bathroom.

You could arrange to be at countless activities, where your service would just knock the socks off, of everyone else’s bathrooms. You could also rent your portable bathroom out, to events like rodeos, car shows, flea markets, etc… on an event basis, making it accessible to everyone, for the whole event.

You can advertise, and get other contracts for your portable bathrooms, while you’re “busy” getting new clients. If you can use your imagination, and build something, you would not mind your own family using, and it would be top of the line, you could have a fun and unique business experience.

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