Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your New Business Website

Website, an indispensable tool for businesses today because it is a big part in the marketing and being recognized in the wide world of web. But hesitant businessmen are sceptical in putting up their own website because of the many technological and technical know-how you have to have in order to create a website.

But there is now the WordPress which was a very popular tool for bloggers until people who want to create a start-up website discovered its website capabilities. There are so many great reasons why people are now using WordPress as the platform for their website. Aside from the fact that it is absolutely free, it is also unbelievable easy to update.

Let us take a look at some of the ultimate reasons why, as a new business, WordPress is the right platform for your business.

Absolutely Free

WordPress is first and foremost a free site for everyone who wishes to use it. This is really a huge factor to consider especially since you are just starting up with your business. There are a lot of free and open source solutions out there but you need to really read the fine lines whenever you sign up. What you don’t know is that there are conditions there and changes in the future that you are not aware of. With WordPress, it is truly and absolutely free with no strings attached.

User Friendly

Unlike other open source and website platforms out there, WordPress is so easy to use and update. If you’re worried that you might need to constantly contact your web developer or designer to regularly update the contents of your website. With WordPress, it is pretty easy to learn. It is specifically designed for people who do not want complications and messy set-ups. Even the most challenged of all in terms of technical terms and processes can do content updating in WordPress.

Content Management System (CMS) is great!

WordPress has a very powerful and reliable content management system. It lets you store images, PDF files, audio, video and other files for easy storage and eventually uploading and insertion into your site. It is as easy as using Word file; no complications.

Easy Link and Integration with social Media

Another huge factor why people today are compelled to log-on to the internet today is because of the Social Media Networks. Practically everyone wants to be part of a circle of friends or social loop. WordPress is really easy to integrate with these social networks that you don’t even have to exert so much effort to do this. And because most of the population of internet users are into social media networks, it is one ideal site for your new business to be seen or be added in the social loop.

It grows with you and your business

WordPress is constantly adding more features and themes and other features that can truly help you and your business develop and grow. It anticipates what you may want in the future and therefore helps you in so many ways you can imagine. Even WordPress’ security is something you can definitely rely on. It might be easy to set-up but it doesn’t mean it relaxes when it comes to its security.

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