Custom Kitchen Cabinets Can Turn Your Abandoned Kitchen Into A Family Room

More and more Americans are regularly eating out nearly every night of the week. This is probably why most houses no longer have a kitchen that gives that familiar sense of family and warmth that we remember from our childhood.

Good traditional high-quality solid wood kitchen cabinets can be just the incentive needed to turn our dank old kitchens into something much more-comfortable, cheerful, and fresh.

The appearance of your kitchen cabinets can vary from the classic, respected, fine wooden cabinetry to fresher & bolder, finishes and varieties. The following are some of the most popular types of cabinet wood:

  • Cherry
  • Knotty Cherry
  • Maple
  • Heartwood Maple
  • Oak
  • Pine

And, of course, there are thousands of further unique options when you add various finishes as well as inserts like herringbone, olive ash burl, decorative rattan, or bird’s-eye Maple.

Whether you want sleek & contemporary or rich & classic, the choice is yours.

Finally, adding in the virtually endless variety of kitchen cabinet accents and add-ons, your custom kitchen can really become fully yours. The cook space can be transformed into a unique reflection of you and your home, all with the simple additions of custom hardware, glass paneling, or special hardware (like pulls and knobs). Any professional cabinetry design expert can additionally work directly with you to choose exactly the features you need to satisfy your vision.

Improving your kitchen cabinets can be more than merely adding onto your kitchen’s aesthetics. You can go about adding to the practicality and functionality as well. Our remodels are also designed to offer cabinet ¬†and features that help both with organization and utility of the kitchen space.

  • Rework your shelf space-reorganize or add to your shelving units, for efficiency.
  • In-cabinet Organizational Devices-within existing units, add trays or small containers.
  • In-cabinet Lazy Susan systems-most effective way to make the most of those deep shelves.
  • Corner-cabinet Lazy Susan systems-the most inefficiently used shelving unit tends to be your corner cabinets. One of these will dramatically increase its usefulness.

It is vital that we do not let the core of our home and hearth fall into neglect. Great, fine quality custom kitchen cabinets can be added to revamp your total kitchen, assuring that you will want to eat in more, saving you money, bringing your family back together, and adding great value to your home.

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