How to Have Peace in Your Financial Life

Do you feel that you are managing your financial life or that it is managing you? Most people who you speak to these days are living paycheck to paycheck and spend far too much of their time worrying about money. But imagine how your life might change if you could achieve genuine peace in your finances and never worry about money again. If this is what you really want, then within a few moments you’ll have a rock solid strategy for making this a reality in your life.

Step One: Identify the Problem
If you are worrying about money now, chances are that having more money is not going to change that. This is because the tendency to worry is an internal habit and thus requires an internal shift in order for you to get rid of it. Of course, there are external things which can make this shift MUCH easier: less debt, more income, more money in savings and investments. However, if these changes are not accompanied by a shift in your psychology, it is likely that you’ll still worry about money.

Perhaps you’ll worry about losing your extra income or your savings or your investments. Perhaps you’ll worry that something is going to happen to cause you to get back into debt. No matter what it might be, you must realize that worry is a state of mind based on ritualistic habits of thinking. If you want to stop worrying about money, you must start by changing the patterns of thought that lead to worry. Only then can you begin to focus your energy and attention on a plan of action to get yourself into a better financial situation…

Why Do People Worry About Money?
Worry is a repetitious “What if” based thought pattern that eventually causes a shift in your physiology which is commonly called fear or anxiety. This anxiety paralyzes your ability to relax and to use your creative imagination and problem solving skills to formulate plans of action for confronting the object of your worry. As this happens, your mind is forced to repeat patterns of thinking which have become familiar to you and which require little use of your creative imagination. To change this, you have to make a shift in thinking which gives your creative imagination the freedom to come to your aid.

You see, people worry about money (or anything for that matter) out of a need for certainty regarding future events. However, the future by definition is never going to be certain. The only thing that that you can be certain about is your choice to take action in the present in order to change your future. Therefore focusing on plans of action and getting to work RIGHT NOW is the only way to truly defeat patterns of worry….

Step Two: Identify what you are Really Worried About Losing
Most negative “What ifs” come from the fear that you might be about to lose something which is important to you. When people worry about money, what they are usually worrying about is losing something which has little or nothing to do with money. Consider the following list or priorities in your life:

• Your Health
• Your Recreational Life
• Your Purpose in Life or Career
• Your Personal Growth and Education
• Your Spiritual Well Being
• Your Relationships
• Your Belongings

Go through each of these areas of your life and ask yourself how dependent they are on your financial status. Better yet, what plans of action could you put in place to deal with these areas of your life if you were to suddenly lose all of your financial assets? How would you continue to care for your health? How would you relax and entertain yourself? Even if you lost your job…what steps would you take to continue on your career path or pursue your purpose?

How would you continue with your own personal growth and education? How would you continue to build your relationships with God or with others? How would you cope even if you lost all of your belongings? Often times, brainstorming a plan of action to deal with the worst case scenario is the cure for worry.

Step Three: Control What You Can Control and Let Go of What You Can’t

Using the information from step two, start taking the necessary actions to get control of these areas of your life. This will help you build a sense of certainty in these areas which will keep them from being affected by financial worries. This sense of security and confidence will free you to focus your attention on creating plans of action to take control of your financial life instead of being paralyzed by worry.

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