Save Your Marriage – Does Your Husband Or Wife Have Offensive Habits That You Cannot Stand?

Why does a good marriage go bad?

This is a question asked by a lot of people who watch a young couple walk down the aisle so much in love then several years’ later notice they can hardly talk to each other anymore without anger. What on earth goes wrong?

Reality kicks in and without a marriage road map a lot of couples struggle. This is because they may have been swept away with falling in love and not noticed the road blocks in their relationship. That whole feeling of being in love can be almost surreal and you can see your partner as some kind of perfect soul mate who was destined just for you but once the honeymoon period starts to fade you become more aware of whom it is you have married.

That perfect partner you were caught up with in a bubble of love is starting to show another side to their nature. It may come in the way of disgusting habits or even behavioral changes that cause you to wonder who really is this person you married.

Love is a fantastic emotion but it has a lot to answer for because when you are in that over the moon feeling having just met you are usually both on your best behavior and do not want to reveal anything that could cause the moment to be lost.

But as a couple settles into living together they may feel relaxed enough to present parts of their personality that they had not shown before. The problem with this is it may not be acceptable to the husband or wife being suddenly presented with it.

Instead of confronting the situation right away a lot of partners brood because they feel almost ripped off by this change in their original Romeo. As the silence progresses the partner with the not so nice habits can become cruel and display them even more in a bid to annoy their other half.

I do not think that anybody should have to agree to things they find personally offensive in their own home. This is where boundary setting is important as if put in place will stop this behavior as it begins. If you can talk to your husband or wife and tell them how you feel their reaction should be one of care and apology. This kind of thing can really destroy love and romance as it makes the partner on the receiving end feel they have been blind and tricked.

In some ways they were because if their partner had revealed this side of their nature the relationship would probably never reached the church. Having experienced this kind of behavior in a relationship I can tell you it does not get better and I really think that a partner who offends the person they say they love like this is full of bull. I do not need to go into the vulgar behavior that some people find appropriate but for the person on the receiving end it is not nice or worth it.

How can you instigate romance when someone is making you feel physically ill or uncomfortable? This is such a common problem and I am not talking about leaving the toothpaste cap off or the toilet seat up as a lot of people reading this article will not exactly what I mean. You have to set your boundary and make it clear it is unacceptable to you. If they do not want to stop then you have a problem as you try to envisage the rest of your life with someone who in your mind does not consider your feelings.

Compromise is about what color you paint the kitchen or what kind of car you buy but behavior in the home that make you feel uncomfortable should not be an issue of compromise ever. You will be giving away your personal power and belief system and why should you.

So many comedies on television depict a long-suffering wife putting up with a husband who has disgusting habits. She tries to reason with him and the laughs start when he fuels the fire by dong it more. Watching it on screen is one thing but living with it is another.                                

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