Gog and Magog Porphecy and Preparation for War Between Them

It’s post Easter and the so-called Good Friday as it is known in religious circles has once again come and gone. So should the Spirit God be furious? Gog and Magog are entities in Ezekiel Chapter 38 and they represent the two gods that rule this world. These mysterious names are misinterpreted and the prophecy, which is largely ignored, was altered to suit man’s religions and ideologies born of sun worship.

My reincarnation and knowledge that heaven and hell are myths born of ignorance in antiquity, as well as my link to the Spirit and commissions given, sent me on a mission to discover what these things mean. Why is the world in chaos, why are humans devastating the earth they depend on and why do they worship idols and icons representing false gods and make-believe? The answers are here.

Taken through the bible to understand what is true and what is man-made (by those desiring to support their cause) the words broke apart and allowed me to read them as they would have been read in the past. Progress and knowledge that is acquired by the work of others merely builds on the same foundation. If that is wrong then so are all of the principles by which modern day societies operate.

The letter [G] derives from the circle enclosing the cross. This is the oldest religious symbol found to date (400,000 years ago in Tata, Hungary) and it was scribed on a nummulite fossil. In my interpretation it means ‘god’ or place where the sun-god was observed. ‘G-o-g’ means ‘god of god’ or the Son of God. By contrast ‘ma’ means ‘mother’ in every language. ‘Ma-gog’ means ‘mother-the god of god’ or ‘mother God’. She is also called ‘el-a’ or ‘god of power, which is the origin of ‘Allah’

There are two Gods at work in the world. The Spirit is the real God. The other is the sun-god of Islam. The latter title means ‘eye of light-mother god’ and its origin is the first beast of Revelation, the son of Abraham – Ismal corrupted to Ishmal. In another form it is Is-lam.

He was cast into the desert to be a hunter (Genesis 21:17-20), that is a killer, and it is a metaphor for how sun worship took over to rule the world. His capital city was Babylon, the home of the Amors. In those times vowels were unstable and [o] and [a] interchangeable. [Or] is an old term for sun and it means [circle of power]. ‘O-m-or’ is ‘circle of the mother sun’. It identifies the sun as the Mother God of antiquity.

If the linguistics are a little hard to follow so too is the way that religious ideologies were twisted and refined until the origin of them was lost in the medley.

The title given to it was ‘ma-r-i’ which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. In English it is Mary, the Mother of God of Christianity. Revelation 17 describes her as Babylon the Great and the whore that sits over many waters. She is also the city that sits on seven hills as does Roma. The term ‘water’ is a description of spiritual enlightenment or religious influence.

The Amors went west fighting their way through every nation until they arrived in Italy. It was there that they built their last capital, Roma. Reversed that is ‘amor’. Here is where their empire peaked as they dominated the world for several centuries.

One of their numbers was Constantine who, in 325 AD, established the Roman Catholic Church based on Islamic principles. He was an Islamist first and foremost as this was the only religion legal in the Roman Empire. He invented Jesus Christ and made Mary the Mother of God (Revelation 17). She is Magog in the prophecy (Revelation 17:3-5).

There is only one entity that the description given therein could possible fit. The scarlet coloured beast is the Catholic Church whose bishops wear the colour. The purple applies to the emperor who placed her over his religion and the context of it was the same as that of the ancient city of Babylon, of whom Dagon (the fish) was the Son of God.

He built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter and the first Christian churches. He put in place a conspiracy that could not be broken until now. It is described in Ezekiel 22:25,26 where it describes the priests as liars and perpetrators of the cover up and supporters of the work of Constantine.

After him Jerome compiled and partly wrote the New Testament. The so-called letters to the church contained therein were obviously those written by himself and sent out to unify the religion under the one banner. His cohort was Augustine Bea, the bishop of Hippo.

The Vatican appointed the latter to form another religion to credit that of Constantine. He found a willing participant by the name of Mohammed and tutored him into the role of prophet. He possibly wrote the Koran, the letters of which mimic the Torah, the Jewish text. Both titles means ‘cross of the sun’s power’.

These two branches of the Babylonian Islamic religion and sun worship are now about to do battle against each other as the king of the north and the king of the south fight it out. We are already seeing this in the terrorism that is and has already taken place. It is also evident in the unrest among various religious groups against each other,

The land of Israel comprises those of the seeding with spirit that took place at the beginning of the Day of the Lord, some 4,000 years ago. It has nothing to do with an actual country and many distortions such as ‘land’ were inserted to change prophecy. In the original form it possibly read ‘nation’. The Spiritual prophecy declares that Gog shall come against the land of Israel and that the Spirit’s fury will show. God is jealous of the idols and false gods and will cause a great shaking in Israel, Ezekiel 38:18,19.


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